Musical Clefs

Musical clef is a symbol which indicates the pitch of notes written on the staff. It defines one reference note (G, C or F) and assigns it to a specific line of staff.


G-clefs has reference tone G4 placed on the line that goes through the curl of the clef.

Treble clef

Treble clef notes

French violin clef

French violin clef notes


F-clefs has reference tone F3 placed on the line that goes between the two dots of the clef.

Bass clef

Bass clef notes

Sub-bass clef

Sub-bass clef notes

Baritone clef

Baritone clef notes


C-clefs has reference tone C4 placed on the line that goes through the center of the clef.

Alto clef

Alto clef notes

Tenor clef

Tenor clef notes

Soprano clef

Soprano clef notes

Mezzo-soprano clef

Mezzo-soprano clef notes